End Of Life


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End of Life: Just because the world is going to hell in a handbasket, doesn't mean we can't have a little bit of fun along the way.


released September 1, 2015

Mixing and mastering: Mikhail Nesterov (Sonic Vision)
Cover art: Dima HLCLL (hlcll.tumblr.com)




RZRS Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

RZRS (Razors) are a Stoner Rock\Garage Punk outfit from Siberia. Raw rock'n'roll spirit of the 70's blends together with the experimental spark of the 2000's.
Founded by the pioneers of siberian garage rock scene, the relatively new band has already bombarded quite a few of both venues and eardrums alike with soundwaves, leaving phat rock sound addicts ecstatic.
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Track Name: End Of Life
You try to think it's not over
But you are so close to the edge
No time to heal or recover
Your life is like a burning match

Time to destroy your illusions
That you have always cherished well
All ways are leading straight to hell

So little time
Till the end of world, the end of life
All passers-by
Wouldn't stand a chance, there's no use to try
Knock on each door
Till you find the thing you are looking for
Won't find no more

The siren wails in the city
Don't run away don't try to hide
When you see hundreds of gritty
Hell's angels going for a ride

They will destroy your illusions
That you have always cherished well
All ways are leading straight to hell

~Oh, oh no!
Track Name: Heart Of Stone
I see her on high streets
And on the fashion shows
In chic hotels behind closed doors

She never skips a beat
And wears expensive clothes
She doesn't care about you all

She's got a heart of stone
She is bad to the bone
She is so keen on
Lying and cheating

She's got wicked eyes
That always hypnotize
The devil never
Has been so pretty

She's selling beauty
She's bad and beautiful
Her eyes will turn you into a fool

Why care what people think
And why obey the rules
When all the world is like her tool

And when you have a crush on her
She's gonna rock your world
It will be like racing on a motorbike
Twelve hundred miles per hour
Track Name: Bar Fight
Friday night and you are going to the bar
To the kind of place where all the cool kids are
Drinking on the house, party is alright
But there's always someone who would like to fight
I see you jerk you'd better stop looking at her like that
I've heard you fuckhead and I didn't like the things you said

Hey mate
Before I smash you face
Get your
Ass out of this place
Get lost
And don't make me say twice

Hey jerk
Take your hands off my
Sweet girl
Don't go messing with
Me or
It could be your last time

All the stuff is lying broken on the floor
My bruises heal and I could take some more
Motherfuckers are you ready? Just say when
Stand up and fight let's start again

You were asking for this, so ladies, don't you want to dance?
It's time for paying back, I can't afford to miss my chance
Track Name: Poison
Open my eyes in gloomy room
I'm blinded by the lights as I went out of tomb
I put my mind on overdrive
Cold water brings me back to life

It's 10 am, pain doesn't cease
And witnessing my unmade bed brings memories
I shake my head sunglasses on
Ain't no regrets, I get along

'Cause whiskey is a good ol' friend of mine
Tequila visits me from time to time
I do not shut the door on beers and wine
I don't have any better things to do

Champagne can be my guest on any day
Nothing is able to get in my way
When I am with two bottles of Bombay
I don't have any better things to do

They say that I drink poison
Melting pleasure that could kill me one day
But I don't want to be healed

I am back on track, same as before
And one emergency six-pack will bring one more
Poison will help me hold on tight
When day is turning into night
Track Name: I Ain't Got Nothing On You
I ain't got nothing on you
And it is not alright
It takes no investigation to know for sure what's on your mind

You lost the feeling for me
Searched for it somewhere else
You rummaged here and there and found it in another hand

You've got something to hide
I've seen it in your eyes
I was a fool before
Now I don't care about you
No more

And now it's all so clear
My heart gets one more sore
There's no infatuation going on here anymore

I am sick of all your lies
And all your wicked ways
Now I just could care less, it doesn't matter what you say

I was so wrong cause it let you
Inside my soul, now that is all, that was my only fault
Track Name: Flame It Up
This is it. I'm getting out of here,
No complaints and no regrets
All the planes aloft and now I'm ready
To burn bridges in my head

I don't know if this is for the better
But sure isn't for the worse
Say goodbye to things that I remember
To the land of gold and dirt

I just wanna know what it's like
I just wanna know...

Flame it up
Burn it down
Let's get away
Out of town

I am leaving but I am pretty sure
This place will remember all
Of my merry fucking misbehaviour
And my loud rock'n'roll

Friends are sad, but I am not a stranger
To the pain of parting ways
So I am going far from native places
Heading for the better days