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Open my eyes in gloomy room
I'm blinded by the lights as I went out of tomb
I put my mind on overdrive
Cold water brings me back to life

It's 10 am, pain doesn't cease
And witnessing my unmade bed brings memories
I shake my head sunglasses on
Ain't no regrets, I get along

'Cause whiskey is a good ol' friend of mine
Tequila visits me from time to time
I do not shut the door on beers and wine
I don't have any better things to do

Champagne can be my guest on any day
Nothing is able to get in my way
When I am with two bottles of Bombay
I don't have any better things to do

They say that I drink poison
Melting pleasure that could kill me one day
But I don't want to be healed

I am back on track, same as before
And one emergency six-pack will bring one more
Poison will help me hold on tight
When day is turning into night


from End Of Life, released September 1, 2015




RZRS Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

RZRS (Razors) are a Stoner Rock\Garage Punk outfit from Siberia. Raw rock'n'roll spirit of the 70's blends together with the experimental spark of the 2000's.
Founded by the pioneers of siberian garage rock scene, the relatively new band has already bombarded quite a few of both venues and eardrums alike with soundwaves, leaving phat rock sound addicts ecstatic.
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